- Vermont
- New Jersey
- Florida
- New York
- California
- Iowa
- Wild at Heart
- Picture PL8S
- Mobile Home with Reading Light
- Oklahoma is OK
- Garage
- Back in 5 Minutes
- Conference Room Door
- Trailers
- Gone for a Ride
PL8 Objet d'Art
- Switch PL8S
- Box of PL8S
- Cube of PL8S
Body PL8S Art
- Tuff Cuffs
My constructions showcase my large license plate sculptures.
Each piece is an exploration in capturing the ruinous quality of vehicles and buildings that I am drawn to in the landscape.
Here each piece is scaled proportional to my world of license plates. These familiar objects made from a common material
take on a life of their own.
Back in 5 Minutes
Back in 5 Minutes
Gone for a Ride
Gone for a Ride
Conference Room Door Conference Room Door
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